Mark Drum opened his business in 2017 and determined to stand out against the competition by making honesty the cornerstone of his business philosophy. He has pledged that no matter the circumstance his company will always be honest with their customers. From an accurate ETA when service is requested and the disclosure of repair capabilities to fair, straight forward pricing. Drum Fleet Services promises honesty throughout the whole process!!

Straight Forward Pricing

When a call is placed for service, the folks at DFS will provide you with an accurate ETA. They are always happy to go over pricing and provide an honest estimate of total repair costs. As the service progresses they will remain in contact with you, keeping you up to date on any changes that may occur and getting your approval before performing any service not already authorized. You can rest assured there will be no surprises and your bill will be in line with our Straight Forward Pricing!!

Quality Service

Here at DFS we believe in quality. We strive to provide the highest level of quality in every service we complete. While there are occasional temporary repairs performed, only to get a vehicle to safety, we will always recommend a proper, permanent repair and will never suggest operating a vehicle that is not DOT compliant. We want your unit to be safe and functioning properly. When our service is complete you can drive with the confidence that you have received a high quality repair!!